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Curtains vs Blinds: Which One Is Better for your Home or Office

In the world of window dressings, there comes a choice that every homeowner must face up to at some point: do I fit a pair of curtains, or should I opt for a pair of blinds? A deceptively simple dilemma, picking between the two can nevertheless be a very difficult task, as each choice has its own positives and negatives.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the benefits of both blinds and curtains in the hopes that it’ll help you come to a decision as to what’ll fit best in your home. Good luck!


Perhaps the most important thing to consider when deciding between the two is what your overall home décor is like. Curtains can add a sumptuous, rich and elegant feel to a home, and can be made in an endless variety of materials, colors and sizes. They can also be made in thin or blackout fabrics, affording those who use them a light and airy, or completely dark ambience to their home or room. Blinds offer a similarly diverse range of options to homeowners, with a vast range of materials, styles and designs being available. From elegant Venetian blinds, to pretty and practical Roman blinds, there really is a blind for every home and room.

Cleanliness and function

Curtains can be cleaned, however the fabric is likely to attract dust and – in the case of pet-friendly homes – fur, meaning that cleaning may be needed more frequently. The actual function of curtains is pretty simple, as you’re probably aware, and they give users full control when it comes to light and privacy.

Blinds are a little more difficult to clean compared to blinds, especially when the blinds are made out of a material that isn’t fabric – wiping down twenty-five slats isn’t a fun job, and staining can sometimes occur when wooden blinds are spoiled. Everyday dust can easily be removed, though.

The small size of sets of blinds is very much a positive too, giving small rooms more floor space than they would otherwise have, especially in the case of perfect fit blinds. Being able to quickly twist a lever and close the blinds is also very beneficial.

The Room

Blinds and curtains suit different rooms. Curtains are great for dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, given their ability to impart warmth and coziness into a space. Blinds, on the other hand, are better suited to bathrooms, kitchens, spare rooms and studies, thanks to their quick operation, utilitarian nature, and ability to let in light while providing a degree of privacy at the same time.