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Blinds or Shades: Understanding the Difference

Usually the terms blinds and shades are used interchangeably to refer the same thing. But there is a difference amongst the two. For the better understanding of the concept of blinds and shades we will discuss the difference between the two in this post.


Blinds are the hard window coverings that are made up of horizontal or vertical slats known as louvers. Blinds comes in wide range of shapes and styles and are presented in range of fabric which gives wider option in terms of price as well. From the sheer to blackout options of fabric, these blinds can give multiple control options of light and privacy.


Shades are soft window treatments which are made on the continuously roll that covers the entire window or stack neatly closer to the top. The shades do not have slats and allows a smooth looks to your windows. Shades are offered in large variety of fabric that adds classy visual appeal to the room and complement with the décor of the space.